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Mechanical Bull

1 hour $250
2 hour or more $225/hr

Mechanical Bulls are the perfect addition to any event to entertain a large group. Our mechanical Bulls has safety features not found anywhere else. The bulls have a soft head that will prevent injuries if the rider happens to buck heads with it.


Automatic Shutoff:  Our Bulls will automatically shuts down if the rider is thrown off it’s back. This feature is NOT found in many other bulls out there. You don’t want a bull to continue to spin and buck that will potentially hurt a rider. We take pride with our bull machines. They are even safe for kids as well due to their safety features.



Rentals are available from 1 hour and up to suit your needs​

  • Area for setup: large soft play area, including turf, grass, or carpet, or gym floor.

  • Space needed for setup: 25x25ft

  • We need 1 hour to set up and 1 hour to breakdown.


Additional Information

  • Roughly 37 riders per hour depending how long rider stays on without getting bucked off.

  • Riders Must be at least 4ft+

  • Riders cannot exceed 300lbs

  • Riders with pre existing injuries are not encouraged to participate

  • We have waiver forms for all riders

  • It is forbidden to ride with keys, mobile phone, glasses, or any sharp or breakable objects

  • The ground can be:

    • level or (very small hills can also be used)

    • Make sure no sharp things on ground when using the inflatables

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