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Prime Time Italian Ice and Waffles

by Young Entrepreneurs of The Future

Super refreshing, super yummy Italian ices! This is not shaved ice! Infinitely better! All Flavors are home crafted recipe made fresh from scratch. Our famous ices are made by the same process as ice cream but with no dairy products. We do fairs, festivals, sporting events, and we even will come to your house. Our waffles are freshly made on a stick topped off with different toppings of your choice. All proceeds for back to Young Entrepreneurs of The Future to help with their mission.

Our Story

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Young Entrepreneurs of The Future was founded in 2018. The founders are business owners Travis and Breann Hines. They own a successful family entertainment business in Omaha, NE called HinesGLOW Entertainmet LLC. Travis has worked in the afterschool programs as an assistant director for over 6 years before starting Young Entrepreneurs of the Future. Travis and Breann wanted to give back by teaching kids about entrepreneurship, so they created a 8 week curriculum that teaches kids the concept of starting and running a business giving the youth a entrepreneurial mindset.

Mission and Vision Statement

Our mission is to inspire the vision of entrepreneurship in youth. To develop self-reliance among youth, through business and imagination. Provide the values and skills necessary for them to be successful.

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