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Bumper Balls

Three Lane Bungee Lane


Tug Of War

Dunk Tank

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Small Cash Cube



Dolphin Dry/Water Slide



Starting At $425/day

AdrenaLineRush Obstacle

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Airbrush Tattoos

UV Light Face Paint

Water Walking Balls

Airbrush Face Painting

Wax Hands


Starting At $125/hr


Airbrush Tattoos



What are Airbrush Tattoos?


Airbrush Tattoos ARE the king of the Temporary Tattoo world. They are applied with an airbrush. Usually sprayed through a type of stencil onto the surface of the skin with a specially formulated paint. Not to be confused with Henna tattoos, Airbrush Tattoos are a PAINT that sits on top of the skin, not a dye. They were first developed by movie makers and makeup artists, wanting longer lasting, realistic looking temporary tattoos for their actors to wear. They were just perfect for this as the actor could go home at the end of the day, shower, and come back the next day with their tattoos looking exactly like they did the day before. Therefore saving valuable time on makeup and ensuring the tattoo looked precisely the same for the next shoot.


How long do they usually last for?

Last 2-7 Days and sometimes LONGER

We have over 2,000 Tattoos from xsmall to XLarge

Airbrush Face Painting

Airbrush Face Paint is much different from you standard face painting. The water based paint used is a water resistant paint that last all day without smugging, smearing, and getting on your clothes. Airbrush face painting is the new thing to do at pool parties because the paints are water resistant. When you are done showing off your face painting all you have to do is simply rub liquid soap on your face then rinse it off. Call for Rates.




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